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  • Silicone extrusion, environmental protection, anti-UV, anti-aging, anti-yellowing, safe and stable structure design.
  • High-quality linear IC, guaranteed life and more stable quality
  • With a high-voltage RGB controller, it can be directly connected to the mains, saving power
  • One controller can control 50 meters of light strips, saving controller and wiring costs;
  • W14*H5mm small size, light weight, flexible installation.
  • IP grade:IP66.
  • The working voltage of this product is DC230V and cannot be directly connected to AC230V.


Item No. Color Power Lumen Voltage IP Rated Beam Angle RA Cutting interval
NS-NS5050-120V/220V-96-RGB RGB 10W/M / 120V/230V IP66 120° 50cm


High voltage DC230V SMD2835 96 LED Strip Lights


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