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  • External programmable with smart IC UCS,DMX512/TM1834/FW1934A protocol
  • Can be addressable as need
  • It will not affect signal transmission if any one pixel fail(DMX)
  • The strip can controlled by controller with DMX 512 signal, no need any decoder.
  • It support any color and any type effect, like running, water flowing, chasing, video and word.
  • Max 10M in single driver per run without voltage drop.
  • Environmental-friendly silica gel, resistance to saline solutions, acids & alkali,corrosive gases and UV.
  • Decorating backlight and indirect lighting for showcase, shelf, cabinet, billboard, signage, hotel, garden, bridge, corridor, ceiling, stair, floor, cove, theatre, lift etc.


NS-5050-84-24V-Q DMX RGB 14.4W/M / DC24V IP67 120° 60mm / 83.3mm
Item No. Color Power Lumen Voltage IP Rated Beam Angle Bend Diameter RA Cutting interval
NS-5050-84-24V-Q DMX RGBW 18/M / DC24V IP67 120° 60mm ≥ 80/90 83.3mm
NS-5050-84-24V-Q SPI RGB 22.8W/M / DC24V IP67 120° 60mm / 50mm
NS-5050-84-24V-Q SPI RGBW 25W/M / DC24V IP67 120° 60mm ≥ 80/90 71mm


12 20 Silicon DMX Led neon flex 5


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