Led Flex Neon Light

Uniform lighting effect .
Arts design for different application.
Silicon material resistance to saline solutions, acids & alkali, corrosive gases and UV.
Fast and easy connector to make connection convenient.

360° neon flex adopts innovative design to get dotless illumination effect.Its super flexibility is ideal to create excellent artistic pattern by full accessories.Realize your art ideas or design concept.

Pro series is developed for professional contractors. With unique fast connector, the neon flex can be re-connected easily. IP68 pool neon is good for underwater use.

Full size range neon light and full color choice to satisfy your versatile applications. We provide 120°/180°/270°beam angle neon design.

This series is super flexible, can be bent for even quite sharp curve. It is short cut 1mm and 2.5mm available for perfect words and pattern design. The most suitable light source for sign.

With high quality and stable UCS IC ,DMX512 neon flex supports external programming.

It can create dynamic effect as your idea,which flavors the lighting design in night.

AC100-130V/AC200-240V directly, 50meters per run without voltage drop, no need to use extra power supply.