Basic Silicon Neon

Experience the pinnacle of lighting innovation with Basic Silicon Neon LED Strips from NewSmart LED. These strips redefine illumination, combining flexibility, durability, and a spectrum of vibrant colors tailored for professional applications. Crafted from premium silicone, these strips effortlessly adapt to any architectural feature, both indoors and outdoors, ensuring resilience against water and dust for enduring performance.

With a rich color palette, including single hues and dynamic RGB variations, designers can unleash their creativity, crafting captivating lighting effects. Purpose-built for professional environments, these strips operate on low voltage, ensuring energy efficiency and safety. Customizable lengths facilitate precise installations, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency across diverse projects.


Professional Features:

Silicone Neon LED strips are an innovative lighting solution distinguished by unique professional features, making them an ideal choice for various professional scenarios.

  1. High Flexibility:

    • The silicone material provides exceptional flexibility, allowing the strip to adapt to various shapes and curves, offering a wide range of possibilities for creative lighting designs.
  2. Waterproof and Dustproof:

    • Exceptional waterproof and dustproof performance make these strips suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, including outdoor landscape lighting and poolside decoration.
  3. Wide Color Selection:

    • A rich color palette is available, ranging from single colors (red, green, blue, warm white, cool white) to vibrant RGB, RGBW, and RGBWWW options, catering to diverse illumination needs in professional settings.
  4. Low Voltage and High Safety:

    • Designed with low voltage (12V/24V), reducing safety risks and providing a secure operating environment, particularly valuable for prolonged use in professional settings.
  5. Customizable Lengths:

    • The strips can be customized to specific lengths according to project requirements, ensuring precise installations, minimizing waste, and maximizing efficiency.


Due to their professional features, Silicone Neon LED strips find widespread use in various professional settings.

  1. Architectural Facade Lighting:

    • The flexible design makes them an ideal choice for architectural facade lighting, easily adhering to building edges and curves, creating distinctive architectural aesthetics.
  2. Landscape Design:

    • Used in landscape design for garden paths, courtyards, and public spaces, they create captivating nighttime environments.
  3. Commercial Displays:

    • Widely employed in commercial displays to highlight products or services, adding unique lighting effects for brand marketing.
  4. Interior Design:

    • Suitable for interior design in venues such as hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs, contributing to a fashionable and modern lighting ambiance.
  5. Pool Illumination:

    • With waterproof properties, they are perfect for poolside lighting, contributing to unforgettable water-based lighting effects.

Product Advantages:

Silicone Neon LED strips stand out in the professional realm, offering significant advantages:

  1. High-Quality Manufacturing:

    • Crafted from premium silicone materials and advanced production processes, ensuring high quality and stability.
  2. Reliability and Durability:

    • Highly durable with an extended lifespan, reducing replacement and maintenance costs, ensuring a consistently reliable lighting performance.
  3. Tailored for Professional Use:

    • Specifically designed for professional applications, meeting the safety, durability, and high-performance lighting requirements of professional environments.
  4. Easy Installation:

    • Provides a straightforward and intuitive installation process, even for users with limited professional knowledge.
  5. Environmentally Friendly and Low Energy Consumption:

    • Utilizing LED technology for low energy consumption, aligning with sustainable lighting trends and environmental considerations.

Silicone Neon LED strips, with their exceptional professional features, extensive applications, and clear product advantages, emerge as the preferred choice for professional lighting designs, adding a remarkable glow to various professional projects.