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1.Safety. With higher reliability,LED neon flex adopts low voltage such as DC12V,DC24V,which voltageis safe to human even touch directly. While the working voltage of traditional galss neon is up to 15,000V. Also LED neon flex’ material is silicone, soft, shock -resistant, and anti -falls. During the installation and transportation process, the LED neon flex is extremely stable.

The application scope is wider.

2.Energy saving. The lightsource of the LED neon flexuses LEDs, which can save more than 70%of energy than traditional glass neon.

3.Low cost. The main production steps of the LED neon flexare completed by auto machine, which has higherproduction efficiency, and during transportation and installation, there is almost no damage, which greatly reduces the loss rate.

4.Long life. With a stable LED light source, the fault rate of theLED neon flexis far lower than the glass neon during use. It can be used for more than 2-5 years inside and outdoor, while glass neon is less than 2 years, and it is easy to damage.

5.Flexibility. It can be arbitrarily bentinto various shapes according to the customer’s requirements, without shattering, which greatly reduces thedifficulty of installation. Glass neon uses inert gas to make single light along the contour of the font pattern. Two sets of glass neon will be needed if there are two types of colors. Besides,when the font is too large, and the stroke is not bright; When font is too small, the process is too complicated or cannot be worked out. LED neon flex can be bent into different shapes (the bending radius can be as small as 3cm), which is very convenient to be applied for different materials, such as wood, plastic, steel, or walls. According to the needs of the application venue, you can decorate different patterns according to the design. You can also combine different colors to achieve richer visual effects.

In addition, when the LED neon flex is used for linear lighting, it can be facilitated to create more free creation with its different lengths, avoiding dark areas, and creating a harmonious lighting effect.

6.Wider application. In addition to being used for signs, it can also be widely used as linear lighting for Shopping Mall, Facade, Elevator, House, Bridge, Landscapeand so on.