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How to choose the rightLED neon flex

How to choose the rightLED neon flex

LED neon flex is not simply functional products such as modeling design, images, lighting, etc., and it is also a artwork that is environmentally friendly, energy -saving, living, and aesthetic.


LED neon flex, as an innovative and upgraded product flexible product, with unique functionality, can be used for indoor decoration, out door such as facade, landscape illumination so on.

When choosing the color of the neon flex, we need to consider the style, color of application. Take living room as example,if the ceiling color is white,generally warm white is better.Because home is a place to relax and rest. The warm light can bring a warm atmosphere for cozy. The regular white color of LED neon flex in the market includes 3000K, 4000K, 6000K and so on If above.4000K ,people will feel sober, calm, and not suitable for relaxation and rest. Therefore, if you need a warm atmosphere at home, 3000K is the first choice. But if you like bright feeling, you can also choose 4000K.

If it is used for indoor business lighting, one parameter that needs to be concerned is CRI. It is the ability to restore the real color of the object. The higher the CRI, the more the LED neon flex  can present the color of the object under the light. The high CRI  can bring a better visual experience and promote consumer demand.

For outdoor decoration and illumination, LED neon flex can be applied to the outline of the building, the hotel decoration, bridge, urban park and other scenes. Like some signboards or landscape decorations, rich colors can be used, such as white color or  red,green,blue and so on, which makes people feel more fantastic and attractive.