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16*16 Flex Neon Project

The “Park” project in Anhui, China, showcases the innovative application of lighting technology to enrich public spaces. This endeavor stems from the creative vision to elevate the ordinary steps at the park’s entrance into an extraordinary visual spectacle, captivating visitors and establishing a distinctive landmark for the park.

Throughout the design phase, our team meticulously opted for the 16*16mm Flex Neon Light due to its top-view display capabilities and exceptional waterproofing, ensuring durability against various weather conditions while delivering a vibrant and dynamic light display. Extensive brainstorming sessions, coupled with 3D modeling and simulations, were conducted to determine the optimal layout and color scheme. This approach aimed to accentuate the park’s architectural elements and seamlessly integrate with the surrounding landscape.

The culmination of the project surpasses expectations. The Flex Neon Light has been seamlessly incorporated into the steps, forming a mesmerizing pattern that illuminates the entrance with remarkable brightness. Programmed to showcase a diverse array of colors and sequences, the lights provide a dynamic visual experience that evolves with the time of day and special occasions. Consequently, the installation has not only become a favored spot for photography and social media posts but also serves as a guiding beacon, leading visitors into the park.

The success of the project lies in its fusion of form and function, resulting in a lighting installation that is both visually appealing and resilient. This project sets a new benchmark for outdoor lighting design, illustrating the transformative potential of flexible neon lights in enlivening urban and natural landscapes, creating vibrant, interactive spaces.


Item No.ColorPowerLumenVoltageIP RatedBeam AngleBend DiameterRACutting interval
NS-2835-120-24-MWhite12W/M700lmDC24VIP6712060mm≥ 80/9050mm
Silicon 16*16mm Led Flex neon
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